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Designed to deceive: How gambling distorts reality and hooks yourbrain

AP Photo/Seth Wenig Designed to deceive: How gambling distorts reality and hooks your brain Assistant Professor of Psychology, Wesleyan University Mike Robinson has previously received funding from the National Center for Responsible Gaming (NCRG). To call gambling a “game of chance” evokes fun, random luck and a sense of collective engagement. These playful connotations may be part of why almost 80 percent of American adults gamble at some point in their lifetime. When I ask my psychology students why they think people gamble, the most frequent suggestions are for pleasure, money or the thrill. While these might be reasons why people gamble initially, psychologists don’t definitely know why, for some, gambling stops being an enjoyable diversion and becomes compulsive. What keeps people playing even when it stops being fun? Why stick with games people know are designed for them to lose? Are some people just more unlucky than the rest of us, or simply worse at calculating the odds? As an addiction researcher for the past 15 years, I look to the brain to understand the hooks that make gambling so compelling. I’ve found that many are intentionally hidden in how the games are designed. And these hooks work on casual casino-goers just as well as they do on problem gamblers.

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Swedish court rule against media outlets on gambling ad case

Lotteriinspektionen director general Camilla Rosenberg said the regulator assumes that “anyone who violates the promotion ban by linking to or promoting foreign gaming now ends with [the Court of Appeal ruling].” In June, Swedish legislators approved a new Gambling Act that will take effect on 1 January 2019. The new rules will for the first time allow international operators to apply for Swedish online licenses and will further restrict advertising with operators not holding a local license. Niji has been in the writing industry for well over a decade or so. He prides himself as one of the few survivors left in the world who have actually mastered the impossible art of copy editing. Niji graduated in Physics and obtained his Master’s degree in Communication and Journalism. He has always interested in sports writing and travel writing.

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